Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom

(2-4 hour presentation)


Maladaptive behaviors (conduct that is inconsistent with self-sufficiency and social responsibility) can range from nuisance to outright dangerous and destructive.  How can such conduct be effectively managed, reduced, and eliminated?  This wide range requires staff to possess an arsenal of tools to effectively deal with these behaviors, but more than that, a profound understanding of the variables underlying their presence, predicting their occurrence, and contributing to their maintenance and exacerbation.  In this workshop, Dr. Núñez offers both theoretical underpinnings and hands-on, real-world scenarios of functional analysis of maladaptive behavior.  The principles of understanding the meaning of behavior prior to intervening and applying individualized strategies rather than “one-size-fits-all” approaches are discussed.  Audience participation plays a prominent role in this presentation.