Clinical psychologist Dr. Joël Núñez has impacted thousands with his unique presentations and writings.  With a talent for translating complex psychological principles into understandable, practical elements that readily apply to his audiences--be they mental health professionals, seasoned educators, or students of all ages--the insights he shares are timeless, contemporary, and deeply resonant.  His passion for empowering learners of all backgrounds to discover, harness, and develop their potential will be evident from his first contact with your group until long after the last. 


So who is Dr. Joël Núñez, and how did he become a public speaker? Learn about his background and what drives his relentless pursuit for developing learners of all backgrounds and ages.  

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Offering a wide array of individual presentations and series for diverse groups of learners ranging from healthcare professionals, educators, students, to small business owners/associates.  See a sample of what Dr. Núñez can provide.

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“Thank you for delivering your uplifting story.  I never expected I would experience a moment of total inspiration, but today you proved me wrong." C. McKinley, Duquesne University, PA 

“Dr. Núñez is inspirational, extremely articulate, and captures the attention of his audience.  He is an exceptional speaker, the absolute best!" PAR for Autism and Intellectual Disability, PA

"Today Dr. Núñez helped students unearth inner resources, overcome external challenges and unleash their potential." Professor L.S. Deaner, Owens Community College, OH

"Dr. Núñez's presentation, "The New Literacy", changed my attitude and will continue to change my behavior.  I will reject reckless reading and reckless learning.  I now realize that I cannot cheat the system and benefit from it in the future.”  K. Sanchez, New Jersey City University, NJ

"Our students absolutely love Dr. Núñez.  He is fabulous and we highly recommend him!" Radford University, VA

"I instantly connected with Dr. Núñez.  In hours he taught me how to open my heart to others.  He is very wise and knowledgeable; also energetic and supportive." C. Diaz, Texas A&M, Commerce