The Good Life


What do we all yearn for?  Across cultures, despite differences, and from age to age, humans have sought to live a good life.  Surveying history, literature, and philosophies from ancient times to present day, we discover that the good life is comprised of three elements: effective living, successful living, and meaningful living.  These three must operate in harmonious balance to create optimal effects.  We have known this is what we need, but too few of us achieve it.  Why?  We buy into the age-old myth that only a select few can attain this desirable lifestyle: the brilliant, the beautiful, the physically imposing, and the affluent.  We secretly covet their attributes and attainments, curse our fate for what we don't have, and go on living lives we sense are less than what we deserve.  In this presentation, Dr. Joel Núñez uncovers the myth and reveals the solution so that we can start living our best life right now.