For Good, For Bad, Forgettable


The economic reality is that our businesses must remain solvent.  Recruiting and retaining talent that will facilitate our fiscal responsibility is crucial.  Beyond that, however, is a higher ethic; a purpose-motive to which 21st century businesses aspire: to do the most good for the most vulnerable.  Attracting professionals and para-professionals committed to this directive and ensuring that our company culture will preserve this core value from generation to generation is absolutely indispensable.  How do we achieve this in an unprecendented age of workplace diversity and demographic change?  It begins with a personal commitment to building a lasting legacy that becomes contagious.  In "For Good, For Bad, or Forgettable: The Power of Legacy and Influence", Dr. Joel Núñez, a NJ-state licensed clinical psychologist, author, and public speaker shares empirically-supported and timeworn principles for building a positive, authentic legacy that will outlast us and have an enduring impact on those around us.