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What makes it so difficult to succeed at goals that we desire so badly? If you want to discover the true impediments to your success, overcome your greatest challenges and unleash your greatest potential to become a better parent, partner and producer, then this life-changing audio-book is for you!

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Every educator can leave a lasting impression, marking a child's life for the better. Every educator can inspire students to envision themselves as greater than their current limitations. Every educator can instill timeless values into young people that will blossom into tomorrow's leaders. Beginning with a deliberate and committed shift of mind, this book asserts that no matter the obstacles, every educator can make an enduring impact. 

They say that when a student is ready to learn, the teacher appears. I firmly believe that this book written by Dr. Núñez appeared in my reading library for a purpose. First, this book was written because Dr. Núñez values and affirms the work of educators. Second, he wrote this book to help educators grow so that we can continue positively influencing the lives of children. As an educator, reflection is an important part of our job. The guided reflection questions provide a helpful tool for self-examination on our professional journey. This book is a short and powerful read that will enrich the lives of novice and veteran teachers alike.
— Jennifer Gulliford, Downers Grove, Illinois United States
Whether you are a parent or an educator, this book is a must read. Through insightful examples and inventive context, Dr. Nunez points out that the actions and the words of an educator can have a lasting impact upon that child for years and even decades. His writing is compelling and moving. While the text is easy to read, the points made are profound. A MUST READ!!
— Ann Marie Brasco, West Caldwell, NJ, United States

Enduring Impact
By PhD Joël Núñez