Stand & Deliver: Developing the Art of Dynamic Speaking

CORPORATE - (Deliberate) Practice Makes Perfect

In the 21st century, information is the new currency.  whoever wields it most effectively will have the advantage in bringing their products and services to market.  learning to communicate powerfully, persuasively, and in an engaging manner is now indispensable across every kind of business and professional endeavor. in this full-day workshop, dr. nunez teaches the essential principles of dynamic speaking in a truly innovative,, engrossing way culminating in each participant standing before the group and delivering a five minute talk in the last hour of the workshop..  ideal for groups of entrepreneurs, real estate agents, attorneys, physicians, educators and anyone looking to leverage effective communication for enhanced results at work and life.  from structuring a talk, creating memorable cold openings/closings, using non-verbals to complement and reinforce content, and harnessing the power of storytelling, it's all here in "Stand and deliver".   

What professionals are saying about the "Stand & Deliver: Developing the Art of Dynamic Speaking" full-day workshop:

Dr. Núñez brings his more than 15-year experience as a speaker and a researcher of effective communication to empower professionals. He is not just an outstanding speaker but an outstanding teacher. This is a life-changing event.
— Issa Musharbash, President, Provident Legacy Real Estate Service
Wow! Dr. Núñez is an inspiring and brilliant presenter and instructor. The insights he presented are timeless and he did so in a way that makes much improved speaking accessible to all people. I cannot say enough about this experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken part in it and highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their speaking to the next level.
— Gintare Grigaite, Esq., Co-owner and Lead Attorney, Grigaite & Abdelsayed, LLC.