Outwork, Outlast, Outshine!  You Don't Have to be the Brightest to Reach the Farthest

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Outwork, Outlast, Outshine: You Don't Have to be the Brightest to Reach the Farthest.  Emerging evidence supports the startling reality that IQ score, GPA and other traditionally-venerated measures of scholastic achievement are not the greatest predictors of long-term success for students.  Rather, traits like grit and resilience, are.  Far too many students (and educators, and parents) have bought into the deception that intelligence and talent are fixed, that you have either got “it” or you don’t, and thus select themselves, their students, or their children out of the race to success.  In this presentation, Dr. Núñez debunks the “genius myth” and explains that what sets exceptional people apart from others is not their “inherent talent” but their hard work, persistent effort, and positive response to setbacks in addition to their natural giftedness.  Studies demonstrate that these skills can be taught and developed in every individual to be able to do abundantly more with what they have been given.

What attendees are saying about "Outwork, Outlast, Outshine":

It is like you were speaking my life. This presentation helped me understand the struggles I have had since I was a child and what I can do now to overcome them. Thank you.
— Cynthia Andino, Parent
At times I have felt like quitting, as though I’m not capable of achieving my academic goals. Your words today have inspired and motivated me to not give up.
— Carmen Santiago, student, Nyack College