May I Come In? Young Latinas/os' Self-Beliefs & Success in STEM Careers

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In 2012, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued a dire warning to U.S. education: in order to maintain our global competitive advantage, we need to produce 1 million more STEM professionals in the next decade than are currently projected to graduate.  Given unprecedented shifts in our nation’s demographics, the recruitment of Latina/o youngsters into the talent development pipeline in education and industry ought to become a priority.  However, our current strategies must be expanded to include the impartation of psychological competencies alongside technological know-how if we are to make a significant impact on the underrepresentation of Latino Americans in the professions.  In this presentation, Dr. Joel Núñez shares contemporary theory, research and his own personal story to make the case that a committed effort of goodwill by professionals of all backgrounds is necessary to encourage young people of Latin American ancestry that they too are welcome to enter and flourish at the highest levels of education, research, and industry.

What corporate professionals are saying about the "May I Come In?" presentation:

So well-presented, so thought-provoking and compelling. Dr. Núñez powerfully makes the point about our need to incorporate young people of Latin American descent into the highest levels of corporate life. It was a pleasure to hear him.
— Sally Nadler, Manager Workforce Development, College Relations Manager, PSEG
Thank you so much, Dr. Núñez, for delivering such a wonderful address at our annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at PSEG. All our invitees were impacted and energized by your presentation. ¡Gracias!
— Rosa Pagnillo-Lopez, Adelante Group Chairwoman, Customer Service/Community Outreach, PSEG