Get Out Of Your Own Way


each of us has faced some form of substantial obstacle in life that has marked us in indelible ways: the death of a loved one, a life-threatening or altering illness, a fractured relationship, or failed business venture.  these losses are meant to be grieved and surmounted.  however, far too many people remain mired in pain, unable to move forward, forever haunted.  in this life-changing presentation, dr. Núñez reveals that overwhelming external obstacles pale in comparison to the secret, internal hindrances that burrow themselves into our hearts: that a loved ones's death means we will never love again, that an illness means we should stop living, and that failing means we are failures.  the good news is that we can learn to dismantle these impediments and experience outstanding results.  in doing so, we unearth inner resources we never knew we had, overcome external challenges we previously thought impossible, and unleash our greatest potential.  we can each learn to get out of our way.